Giuliano Mazzuoli Limited Edition Watch

Luxury designer Giuliano Mazzuoli has become synonymous with fine writing instruments such as the Moka pen, which was inspired by a famous coffee machine from the 1930s.

Recently, Mazzuoli ventured into developing Italian-made fine watches, which he dreams of becoming a legitimate competitor to the many Swiss watches in the market. He first started with the creation of the Manometro, which gained prestige because of its stainless steel case.

Recently, Mazzuoli unveiled his latest line of limited-edition fine watches called "Contagiri." The watch is inspired from the vintage race cars, as evident through its tiny lever similar to a "gear shift" and through the lunette of the watch, enabling you to carry out functions usually done through the crown such as, winding the watch or setting the time.

You can find at the circular aperture the Giuliano Mazzuoli logo, with number 1 indicating the position to wind the watch, and number 2 indicating the position to set the time.

This limited edition watch comes in two versions. The first encases the watch in stainless steel with black diamond-like carbon treatment. Its strap comes in pure smooth rubber. The second, much-rarer version has white gold and carbon fiber casing, as well as having a strap made of pure rubber that is stamped with a woven pattern.

Both versions are placed in a watch box that is covered in smooth calf-skin like leather and reptile stamped by the best leather workers in Florence. Inside the box is in sole leather and carbon fiber.

The first version, which is made with stainless steel, is available in 999 pieces, while there are only 365 white gold Contagiri watches available in the market. For more information on where to buy these lovely luxury watches, visit their website at

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