Gita Autonomous Cargo Robot

cargo robot

cargo robotWith developments in technology nowadays, it seems that anything is possible. Many gadgets are developed to provide a certain level of convenience for many users. It is also this convenience that many people look for when it comes to checking out new gadgets. As a matter of fact, there are many of such gadgets out there that recently came out of the CES 2017 in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. The Gita Autonomous Cargo Robot is just one of them.

Cargo Assistant

The Gita, developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, is a unique cargo-carrying robot that can hold and store up to 40 pounds of stuff. But that is not all that it could do. This unique robot is designed to follow its owner wherever it goes. But there are also other options available. The Gita can also find its way alone. It is intelligent enough to find its way along paths that it has already gone through before. The Gita creates a 3D mapping system of the places it has been through. It never gets lost, especially when following its owner.

The wheels of the Gita are as large and similar to bicycle wheels allowing it go through almost any kind of terrain. It works well as a cargo-carrying assistant for people, whether it may be carrying groceries, toys, or other things. It offers its unique brand of convenience for people who grow tired of carrying things day in and day out. The Gita has recently been introduced to the public last February of this year. But it will not be out until around 2018. But knowing that something like the Gita is being developed, people will get to expect getting a potential grocery-carrying robot someday.

Image Source:  Piaggio

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