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Sometimes it can take more than just words to get your point across. There are times that you might think that a simple text message just won’t suffice. Sometimes, what you need is an appropriate GIF to send out what you have in mind. This is where the Giphy app can be very useful.

The Giphy app provides users with access to the largest library of animated GIF’s and stickers. Now you will be able to search through a vast collection of  GIF’s and then share them through a number of social networks conveniently. You can choose from a collection that includes subjects from pop culture as well as entertainment, sports, and more. And if you do not find the type of dynamic message you like to send, you can also create your own based on the images and video snippets you have to create custom content.

When text emojis no longer work for you, you can try searching from the collection of animated emojis you can find in the app. With just a single tap, you can select and then use a chosen GIF or sticker to add and spice up your text message. You can even select your favorites and save them for easy access later. With the Giphy app, you no longer need to look for another library of GIF’s since you already have a lot to choose from. This app is available for free download at the Apple App Store.

Image Source: App Store

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