Gigabyte U2142 Convertible Ultrabook

With ultrabooks now seemingly lording over the market for portable notebooks, more and more manufacturers are getting in on the fray. It is not so much that many of the makers try to outdo each other by making the slimmest, lightest or the smallest that an ultrabook can go. This area is almost to the point of reaching the highest limits as far as dimensions can go. Instead, the makers are now focusing on trying to offer different features that come along with their ultrabook versions. Gigabyte is no exception as it has come up with its own ultrabook version in the Gigabyte U2142.

The Gigabyte U2142 is a convertible ultrabook that offers more than just the usual features of a notebook or a laptop in a thinner or slimmer profile. The 11.6-inch convertible ultrabook features a 3rd generation Intel Core Processor, 4 to 8 GB DDRIII RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 500GB to 1TB HDD or 64GB to 256GB SSD. It also comes with an 11.6-inch capacitive multi-touch panel and will run on a Windows 8 OS. It also comes with a 1.3MP webcam a pair of 1.5-watt speakers.

What makes the Gigabyte U2142 unique is that it comes with a display screen that swivels and turns 180 degrees to convert into tablet mode. This makes it a more versatile ultrabook since users can convert it to a tablet when needed. The Gigabyte U2142 is a round 1.38 kg light and measures a slim 20mm. Depending on the specifications required, the new Gigabyte U2142 Convertible Ultrabook can go from 949 Euros to 1,099 Euros. That’s around US$1,250 and US$1, 447, respectively.


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