Gigabyte T1125 Booktop

With many portable devices like laptops, netbooks and tablets in the market, it takes quite a challenge to choose which device would fit into your needs. If you find it hard to look for such a device, choosing one that offers multiple functions would be great. Having the Gigabyte T1125 Booktop might be something right up your alley, so to speak.

The Gigabyte T1125 Booktop may look like any other laptop out there, but it is actually calling itself as the world’s first 3 in 1 PC. It functions as a notebook, tablet as well as a desktop PC in one. The Gigabyte T1125 Booktop is a notebook with a swivel 11.6″ touchscreen display that can be turned around to covert the device into a tablet PC. It comes with its own Booktop docking station that can make it into an able Desktop CPU.

The Gigabyte T1125 Booktop is powered by the latest Intel i5/i3 ULV (ultra-low voltage) processor, features NVIDIA Optimus technology and has USB 3.0 ports. It is also WiFi ready, has a 13.0 megapixel webcam, a dual array microphone and four dual-channel stereo speakers. The Gigabyte T1125 Booktop is expected to be available by this month and is set to retail at US$1,299.

Image Source: Gigabyte

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