Gigabyte T1028X Now Available in Europe

Gigabyte T1028X, a successor of Gigabyte T1028 Touch Note

A few months after Gigabyte introduced a half-notebook-half-tablet gadget called the T1028, the Taiwanese electronics company has put up a successor of this popular product, which now has reached the European shores.

The Gigabyte T1028X is an amped version of the "Touch Note," upping the resolutions to 1366 x 768 on its 10.1-inch swivel display, while powered by a 6-cell 7650 mAh battery that promises to last up to six and a half hours.  It also has an upgrade of 60MHz as its former Intel Atom N270 processor is replaced by a much powerful Intel Atom N280.  The rest of the Gigabyte T1028 features stay there, from the touch screen display, the virtually full-sized keyboard, embedded HSDPA support, and 160GB of hard disk memory.

If there is a little snag to the Gigabyte T1028, it would probably be the price.  At €622 (or $877) a pop, it sounds too exorbitant for something that still looks like a notebook, only that it has a touch screen display and a swiveling base.

Image source:  Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd.

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