GETAC B300 Rugged Laptop

Introducing the GETAC B300 rugged notebook.  Rugged laptops are tougher that your ordinary notebook.  They are resistant to vibrations, water, and even dust; making them ideal for military, industrial, and field services.  This new generation of rugged notebooks has been an expertise of GETAC, and now they are releasing their latest model, the B300, which is also customizable with an extensive list of security, power, and connectivity options.

GETAC has been known for laptops that considered "rugged."  These are resistant against vibration, water, and dust; making them ideal for military, field service, and industrial use. 

Recently, GETAC has launched another fully rugged notebook called the B300, a hard-as-nails road warrior designed to be fully customizable with an extensive list of security, power, and connectivity options.

The B300 features an ultra-bright 13.3-inch sunlight-readable display, an ideal choice for daytime viewing, as well as a 12-hour battery life.  The exterior, meanwhile, is made from shock-resistant magnesium allow, as well as a shock-mounted hard-disk drive, and sealed I/O caps and doors that would prevent damage from solid particles and moisture.

For security purposes, the B300 also comes with a nifty fingerprint scanner, TPM v1.2, and an optional card reader, all aim at keeping your privacy and data secured. 

It also includes comprehensive connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, GPS, and 3G.  This rugged notebook runs on Intel Core2 Duo Merom L7500 1.6GHz processor, 512MB DDR2 expandable to 4GB, SATA 80GB expandable to 250GB, DVD Super Multi Drive among others.  It currently retails at $3200.

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