Get This Device For A Unique Adventure Run Indoors 

virtual treadmill run

virtual treadmill runMany people invest in a treadmill in order to help them stay fit. It helps them do some indoor running as part of their exercise routine. But after a while, some will find their motivation dip as their regular treadmill runs become too routine for them. They can now make it exciting by getting this Zone Dome Virtual Treadmill Monitor for a unique adventure run indoors.

The Zone Dome Virtual Treadmill Monitor is a 38-inch concave-shaped monitor that can take treadmill running a bit more outdoors. Runners can go on a virtual adventure run even while they are on a treadmill. setting it up into an existing treadmill, the Zone Dome can provide a full width view of various spectacular landscapes similar to what runners see when outdoors.

Through the Zone Dome, treadmill runners can experience running through the Joshua Tree National Park, jog through a rustic lakefront village, enjoy a run by the Pacific coastline or even take an exciting solo run through Area 51. All the landscape video played are shot in 1080p Full HD resolution and can provide an immersive virtual running experience on a treadmill. A wireless sensor attached to the treadmill syncs with the monitor to adjust the movie speed to match with the speed of the runner. The Zone Dome is an ideal addition to a treadmill for those who wish find some added motivation in case they find indoor running a bit boring. But at a hefty price of $8,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer, that may be quite an expensive motivating factor to consider.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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