Get a Zune 3G for No Cost

Zune 3G

The best thing about Zune 3G is that it is free. Yes, it is absolutely free. Not "Apple free", but "zero-cost", $0. Last year, Microsoft offered free update for all first-gen Zune owners. And now, Microsoft is at it again by offering existing Zune owners a free 3G firmware upgrade. The latest Zune hardware offers 120GB hard drive, 16GB Flash capacities, and a new color option.

Zune has the ability to access password-protected and public Wi-Fi hot spots, and is now able to upgrade itself on the fly and download tracks straight from Zune Marketplace. The 3G firmware firmware also promises to make Zune’s RBDS-enhanced FM radio feature even better. With Zune 3G, you can download recently played songs from people you have befriended through Zune Social. It allows you to get automatic and regular updates of latest music from channels based on genres, artists, celebrities, and DJs.

You will also enjoy games such as Texas Hold ’em and Hexic free of charge. More games will be included on the way. But Zune 3G has buggy PC software client. Last year, many users criticized the radical overhaul of Zune’s PC software, with many of them lost their album art and playlists, and many had their library’s ID3 tags scrambled. This year, many people are positive that Microsoft has a better update and has learned from its user base.

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