Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool

Having a pocket multi-tool always gives you the means to be ready for any fixes that may come your way. But it would also depend on what tools are there available. While most multi-tools contain a pocket knife, not all would usually require one. The Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool can work just as well without having a knife included in its set of tools.

The Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool is designed to provide you with a set of screwdrivers to use around the house. It comes with 4 standard flat and Philips hex bits that can be interchangeable with the handle to give users different options when handling different screws. And for those tougher than usual screws, this pocket tool can be used as an angle driver to give users more force when dealing with tougher fixes. The Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool also comes with a LED flashlight, an oxygen bottle wrench and a removable pry bar for opening bottles. The Get-A-Way Driver Pocket Tool is available at ThinkGeek for US$20.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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