Gesture Cube: No Buttons, No Touch, Just Wave

Gesture Cube

A group of Germany-based design studios come up with an input device that lets users access their media files and the Web without having to press buttons or touch the screen.  The Gesture Cube is an innovative user interface that uses the “GestIC” electric field sensing technology from Ident.  This technology not only detects movement, but also distances in 3D space, making the interface controllable by simple hand gestures.

Navigating through your music files, for instance, would only require swiping your hand over the screen to browse through different track, then push your hand toward the screen (again, without it) to play your favorite tunes.

To better demonstrate how the Gesture Cube works, let this YouTube video do the explanation.

Of course, this is just a concept design, a really cool concept design.  Makes us want to wish that it is the year 2020 and we have that kind of interface on our ultramega-smartphones, computers, and even television sets. 

Source:  Gesture Cube , via Engadget

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