Gest Offers New Way To Navigate The Digital Screen

GestPeople have long been accustomed to using the same peripherals like the mouse and the keyboard to navigate through a computer screen. But as the computers and devices evolve and even become smaller and portable, new ways to interact with the digital screen and other functions may be needed. This is what the new Gest aims to offer, a new way of interaction in the digital world by using your gestures.
The new Gest is not just a device that aims to replace the computer mouse. It can do more than that.

The Gest offers a new way for people to interact with their different devices by using gestures. You can switch between apps with a twitch of a finger. You can rotate a 3D object on the screen by literally rotating your wrist as if holding the object itself. You can zoom in or out by moving your fingers together or apart. With the Gest, you can make use of a variety of hand gestures in order to do a  variety of computer functions and shortcuts. What makes Gest more versatile is that each gesture can be programmable for soem chosen function.

And even adding to this versatility, the Gest is not just limited for computers and portable devices like tablets and smartphones. It can also be used to interact with other devices such as flying drone or a remote controlled car. One exciting  feature that the developers are trying to add is using Gest to type on a virtual keyboard. There are many other possibilities available for using Gest. It provides a revolutionary means of trying to interact with objects on the digital screen using different gestures. The Gest controller is currently going through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $149 will get you one to try out. It is expected to come out on November of next year.
Image Source: Kickstarter

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