Germ-Resistant Glass for Tablets in the Works

Corning, the company behind the scratch-proof Gorilla Glass used on many smartphone and tablet screens, is said to be developing a new type of germ-resistant glass for mobile devices.

Jeffrey Evenson, Corning’s senior vice president and operations chief of staff, spoke about the new glass technology last June at the MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit 2013.

“Corning is working to invent a cover glass that can kill both drug-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant viruses,” Evenson said, adding that his company started working on a germ-resistant glass for the healthcare industry, but then realized that this type of glass has a bigger market potential.

In a demonstration, Corning revealed that its germ-resistant glass would kill the microbes over time, as shown in a comparison with regular glass using flourescent-tagged E. coli bacteria.

Germ-figthing glass for their gadgets’ screens would be beneficial for the consumer. Mashable recently reported that cellphones contain more germs than a kitchen counter, a toilet seat, the checkout screen, a pet’s food dish, and doorknobs.

Evenson also revealed that Corning is also developing an anti-reflective glass that would make the images displayed in tablets and phones more visible when used outside. “It’s going to make sunlight reading much, much easier,” he added.

Source: MIT Technology Review, via Mashable

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