The Germ Eliminating Water Purifier

The Germ Eliminating Water PurifierThey say that in the far distant future, wars will start not because of gold, oil or food. Wars will be fought over clean, drinking water. Yes, that is how valuable water will become in the future. As it become scarce, the immense need for water will start wars. It is a good thing that we still have a lot of it. You can consider that a luxury. The only worry people have for now is if the water is safe for drinking. But that will not be a concern if you have the Germ Eliminating Water Purifier.

The Germ Eliminating Water Purifier is a portable water purification system to ensure that the water you drink is safe and clean. It has the ability to kill 99.9999 percent of bacteria and water-borne organisms. The system is a two-step process. Water first passes through a carbon filter to remove chemicals and metals. The water is then treated with ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria and organisms. The UV light technology used is the same as what is currently in use at hospitals.

The Germ Eliminating Water Purifier only purifies water as it is being dispensed. This ensures that each glass is safe and clean and does not go through the risk of recontamination. The plastic materials used in the Germ Eliminating Water Purifier are BPA-free and are coated to resist mold and bacteria. It also comes with a 1.5-liter water reservoir that can be detached and refrigerated. The Germ Eliminating Water Purifier is an ideal appliance for homes looking for a clean source of drinking water. It is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for around $300.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer


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