Gerber Fit Light Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are valuable to those who love the great outdoors. But even for those who are the stay-at-home kind, having one can always be a great help in one way or another. With several useful tools on hand in one device, there is always something to use when you find yourself in a bind. If you are in a dark place, a multi-tool like the new Gerber Fit Light can even be able to help.

The Gerber Fit Light Multi-tool contains 10 components that becomes any tool you need- tweezers, scissors, interchangeable flat head and cross drivers fine edged and serrated blades and an ever useful bottle opener. But what makes it a great tool is that it also comes equipped with its own 25 lumen LED light, strong enough to be used as a stand alone flashlight to light your way in the dark. And it comes in a handy design that you won’t be bothered about bringing along with you. The Gerber Fit Light Multi-tool is currently available at KnifeCenter for pre-order at US$30.

Image Source: KnifeCenter

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