Gerber Daily Carry Zip Tools

When it comes to the daily challenges in life, having the tools handy and ready can mean a lot. And it is not always the big tools that matter. Even the small ones can do quite a lot when the need for them arises now and then. There are simple tools like those that belong in the Gerber Daily Carry Zip tool series that may be quite useful in everyday life.
The Gerber line of tools is designed to be the best handy tools to have during emergencies, be it in the outdoors or in any other place for that matter. But these tools, while considered handy, may sometimes also be quite a hassle to bring along. The new Gerber Daily Carry Zip series aims to change that.
The Gerber Daily Carry Zip is a line of new yet highly portable line of tools designed to be the alternative zipper pull of a bag, jacket or other zipper-laden gear. Users can also clip them on to a keychain. But the point is that the GDC Zip tools come in with different uses at the most basic level. There s a LED light with bottle opener, two zip tools with a varied set of drivers, and a stubby knife. This set of tools, while handy and easy to hide or bring along just about anywhere, may help out with some of life’s daily issues that needs easy to use tools like the Gerber Daily Carry Zip series of tools. You can collect them as they are already at Gerber Daily Carry Zip for US$12 each.
Image Source: Gerber

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