Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife

Gerber Daily Carry Hook KnifeHaving a knife handy for any emergency is important. There are some instances where someone will need to cut off something. But some people may not like bringing along a sharp object with them wherever they go. If they wish to vary a utility knife but doesn’t want something that looks menacing, then this Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife will do.

The Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife is a special looking utility knife for people who do not like to carry obvious sharp objects all the time. It is designed to be a part of your keychain. It also comes with a special sheath to keep it safe and secure while inside of your pocket. The sharp edge is also designed not to cause accidental cuts. This small utility cutter is sharp enough to cut through zip ties, cut through a piece of clothing and even cut through seatbelts during emergencies. The two-inch stainless steel blade can also be used for other non-emergency situations like cutting a fishing line, open boxes or even cut through a freeze-dried package.

The Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife comes with a secure ring for your finger so that you have a secure hold of the blade when you use it. Pressing your thumb against the thumb grip gives you a solid hold when cutting through anything. When not in use, the GDC Hook Knife snaps back into its securing sheath with the blade safely inside. The Gerber GDC Hook Knife is available at Amazon for around US$10.

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