GeoPalz Activity Tracker For Kids

Kids today seem to prefer staying at home playing video games or watch TV rather than venturing out for some physical fun activities. This possibly results in more kids having weight problems and becoming unhealthy due to lesser physical activity. Even parents can only do so much to convince their kids to do more physical based activities. One unique solution may be what the new GeoPalz Activity Tracker offers.

The new GeoPalz Activity Tracker may just be one way that parents may get their kids to get into more physical activity. Essentially a pedometer, GeoPalz keeps track of a kid’s every step but adds some bit of fun into it. GeoPalz allows kids to collect their daily step count and convert them into points that can be exchanged for certain prizes. The allure of earning certain prizes for their effort can be enough for kids to motivate them to go out and be more active. The GeoPalz Activity Tracker is available at the GeoPalz website for US$20.

Image Source: GeoPalz

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