GenZe 200 Electric Bike

Going around in the city can be quite stressful during the daily commute. From the traffic to the time spent on each trip, it can sometimes be considered as a hassle. People of course would want to consider a faster alternative to getting through the city traffic during their daily trips. This GenZe 200 Electric Bike may provide a possible option.

The GenZe 200 Electric Bike is an eco-friendly mode of personal transport that will help get users from point A to point B in an urban setting. It can be a good alternative to the daily commute in the cities where traffic seems to be a common problem day in and day out. It is a bike that also provides motorized pedal assistance to make each ride more comfortable and effortless even when going up inclines. It can also operate as a low level motorbike that can run up to 20 mph. power is provided by a 350-watt motor connected on the rear wheel of the bike. It comes with 5 levels of pedal-assist modes, the lowest of which can keep the bike running at a range of 40 miles.

What makes the GenZe 200 Electric Bike even more convenient is that the rechargeable battery pack is removable. Users can easily take it out from the bike frame and then bring the battery pack with them inside the house or at the office to recharge. Once full, it is easy to attach back into the electric bike and then travel away. The GenZe 200 Electric Bike is now available at GenZe  for around $1,900.

Image Source: GenZe

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