Genius Wireless Pen Mouse

There are some devices that just avoids redesign. Some people have grown accustomed to certain devices that giving them a redesign might drive people away as well as from their comfort zone. The computer mouse is one example. Although there can be some modifications, how people use it is generally the same. Other redesign concepts haven’t taken off to replace the old dependable PC mouse. But here comes devices like the Genius Wireless Pen Mouse that would like to mount a challenge now and then.

The new Genius Wireless Pen Mouse offers an innovative pen style functionality to an ordinary mouse. It is easy to handle, is wireless via 2.4GHz technology and comes with a 1200 optical sensor for smooth movement controls. It is designed for use with either hand and convenient buttons help make it easy to use. The Genius Wireless Pen Mouse is expected to cost around US$50 when it comes out.

Image Source: Laptop magazine

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