Genius Traveler 6000 Wireless Optical Mouse

Even some people like to use a PC mouse with their laptops. Some may find it too inconvenient using the track pad to navigate through the screen and use a portable mouse instead. That is why there are now wireless models available like the new Genius Traveler 6000 Wireless Optical Mouse to make it easier to use even while on the road.

The Genius Traveler 6000 wireless mouse is a handy and simple PC mouse that quite convenient to use, be it using a PC or a laptop. It is designed for use with either hand, making it even more convenient. It uses 2.4GHz wireless technology for better power saving as well as lesser signal interference. A 1200 dpi optical engine makes it a more precise and accurate wireless mouse in terms of movement and navigation.

The Genius Traveler 6000 uses only a single AAA battery and also comes with a power saving switch that can help extend its battery life. The receiver can also be conveniently stored through a slot inside the mouse so that it won’t get lost easily due to its small size. The Genius Traveler 6000 Wireless optical Mouse is now available at Genius for US$15.

Image Source: Genius

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