Genius M508W MousePen

Graphic designers and those who like to doodle on their PC usually make use of another implement other than a mouse to do so. A graphic pen and tablet is the usual tool used by graphic designers, digital animators and digital art professionals or enthusiasts to create more accurate strokes and lines. The new Genius M508W MousePen works just like that. But this time, it has gone wireless.

The new Genius M508W MousePen is a 5 inch by 8-inch graphic design pen and tablet that can be connected to a notebook or laptop wirelessly via USB. It comes with a USB receiver that works on 2.4GHz wireless technology for some interference-free connectivity. Users may be able to move around freely this way.

The Genius M508W MousePen also has a high performance stylus or pen that is tilt sensitive and features 1040 pressure levels. This makes it possible for users to create thin or thick lines and strokes depending on how much pressure they press the stylus on the tablet. The Genius M508W MousePen can also be conveniently used as an alternative mouse to navigate around the computer screen. The Genius M508W MousePen is expected to be made available any time now and may cost around US$149 retail.

Image Source: Genius

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