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With all the advancements in entertainment today, little attention may be put into the ordinary radio. While it was once considered as the premier form of entertainment some decades ago, it has since been replaced by some of the more visually appealing types offered by movies, television and even the Web. But then again, there are still many people who love to hear the radio now and then. And to keep the device somehow updated with the latest technology, there are new radios that are being introduced as well, such as the new Geneva WorldRadio.

The Geneva WorldRadio is a device made current with today’s technology associated with radio. Not only is it able to receive signals from FM radio stations, but will also support signals from DAB digital radio stations as well as those hundreds of Internet radio stations. The Geneva WorldRadio comes with a digital touch control display, a digital FM tuner, Bluetooth capability for streaming Internet radio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also comes with its own alarm clock. All these features are fitted inside a retro-designed radio chassis with an aluminum handle and tuning knobs for controls.

The Geneva WorldRadio comes with its own 4-inch speaker powered by the radio’s own built-in amplifier. A rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of listening power for every full charge. The Geneva WorldRadio is expected to come out anytime soon at a cost of around US$300.

Image Source: Digital Trends

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