Geely McCar Ultra Compact Car Concept

Compact cars are quite popular in cities where space may be limited and with traffic congestion quite a serious issue. Compact cars allow drivers to better weave through traffic more efficiently and squeeze into small parking spaces that bigger cars cannot. Geely takes compact cars to another level with its unique McCar Ultra Compact Car Concept.

Geely, a Chinese car manufacturer that now owns Volvo, unveiled a ultra compact car prototype that it dubs as the McCar. What makes this concept car quite unique is that it comes with its own independent three-wheeled electric scooter stored at the back of the car. The scooter becomes a separate mode of transportation in cases where even a compact car may not be even maneuver through tight traffic. Quite a unique concept for a car that may garner quite some attention. The Geely McCar prototype is currently on exhibit at the Shanghai Autoshow 2011.

Image Source: BornRich

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