Gecko Bluetooth remote makes smartphones smarter

Gecko Bluetooth remote control

Gecko Bluetooth remote control

A company in India has developed a simple, tag-like device that remotely controls smartphones, and can even perform a variety of useful actions. Gecko is as small as a quarter and responds to movement to perform certain functions. For instance, shaking or turning this low-energy Bluetooth-enabled device would skip tracks being played on the smartphone or adjust the volume of its speaker. You can also program specific gestures to make an emergency call.

But Gecko has an even greater purpose. It also servces as a home security system, lost item locator, pet sitter, and personal photographer among others. Sync the Gecko to your smartphone’s camera or DSLR and take photos without pressing the shutter button.

It also works as a motion detector. Attach the Gecko to an item like your luggage and it sends alerts to your smartphone when it moves, such as when being stolen without your knowledge. You can even stick this tag to a door whenever you are away or sleeping and your smartphone receives alerts whenever the door opens.

Gecko Gesture Control

The Gecko Bluetooth remote can also be attached to your dog’s collar, letting you know if your beloved animal escapes through smartphone alerts. You can also put it in a pillbox to send you alerts if the box was not touched at a scheduled time, indicating a dose was missed. It even has a built-in ambient temperature sensor so it can monitor your home’s temperature via phone.

This Indiegogo campaign has 17 days left, but it still needs about $4,000 to reach its $50,000 full funding goal. Interested backers can pledge for as little as $20 for a piece of Gecko and its complementary smartphone app. Gecko works with Bluetooth 4.0-capable device, such as the iPhone 4S and above, Android smartphones with Android 4.3, and Samsung devices with Android 4.2.

Source: Indiegogo

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