GE G3WP Waterproof Digital Camera

GE G3WP Waterproof Digital Camera

Anyone could always get any kind of digital camera and would be content. Most features that such current gadgets offer may be similar to all the others in one way or the other. Having unique features can actually help some newer digital cameras have that edge.

Not all digital cameras today can boast of being unique kind of like what the GE G3WP waterproof digital camera can. This might just be one of those unique digital cameras that has taken a certain feature lacking in most of the current digital camera models today. The GE G3WP digital camera has played it to the hilt. Having a digital camera that is waterproof for up to 10 feet can surely attract a lot of people immediately. This alone makes it the digital camera of choice for those who like to go the beaches or just plain love being in the water.

Not only that, the GE G3WP waterproof digital camera also has other attractive features to offer. A 12.1 megapixel image sensor makes it quite competitive among the high end digital cameras today. Other features include a touch panel display screen, Pan-Capture Panorama for ultrawide panoramic shots, Image Stabilization and Auto Scene Detection features for clearer and sharper images. The camera also provides an HDTV output for viewing high definition images.

However, the GE G3WP is not yet available in the retail market as of now. Availability is slated sometime in the middle of this year. As for its pricing, it is believed to go somewhere around the US$ 200 retail range, quite cheap enough for its type of digital camera.

Image Source: GE

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