Gateway One ZX All-In-One Desktop PC

Gateway One ZX All In One Desktop Computer

Once ignored due to the rise of laptops, desktop computers are now being given a cooler and more functional vibe as they evolve into all-in-one PCs that eliminate the need of bulky CPU towers.

Gateway has released its latest all-in-one desktop computer called the One ZX.  With the integration of a widget-driven multitouch interface and Windows 7, the Gateway One ZX lets you navigate through your photo albums, music playlists, movies, online games, social networks, and other applications right at your fingertips.

This desktop comes with your choice of Intel Pentium Dual-Core or Core2 Quad Processors.  The 23-inch ZX6800 is optimized for the multimedia user who loves his games and movies, featuring a 1080p LCD, 1TB hard drive, 8GB of RAM, an integrated HD webcam, DVD reader and writer, and 5.1 surround-sound card.  Meanwhile, the ZX4800 is ideal for students or small businesses and costs about half as much.  You can check out the other models on Gateway’s website.

Image source:  Gateway Inc.

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