Gateway 820GM Media Center PC

Gateway 820GM Media Center PC

The Gateway 820GM Media Center PC is quite a good deal for a computer with its capabilities. Its notable feature is its quiet and virtually soundless operation that would be an added bonus if you relish a bit more peace and quiet. The Gateway 820GM Media Center PC also comes with a wonderful array of functions and features that one would look for in a Media PC.

It 820GM comes equipped with a 3 GHz Pentium 4 530 processor with 1GB of RAM. Its media features make it an attractive PC to have for its price range. The 820GM can also be bought with a dual-format DVD Burner along with its primary DVD ROM drive. The 820 GM also comes with a 250 GB hard drive and a 128 MB ATI Radeon X300SE graphics card.

One of the drawback 820GM Media Center PC is its bulky tower case. The Mini-tower design of the PC, which also houses the super silent cooling fans of the CPU, may not suit well for people who look to save some bit of space. But for those people who might not consider style and size for choosing a media PC, then the 820GM would do just fine and more.

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