Gastar miGrill Tabletop Gas Grill

gastar migrill

Tired of your old, boring gas grill? Want a grill that makes you boogie woogie or one that relaxes your mood with soothing music? Then consider getting your family the Gastar miGrill Tabletop Gas Grill with built-in speakers. This innovative product functions as a gas grill and an iPod dock, so you can keep the festivity going after you do the grilling.

The retro-looking Gaster miGrill features 160 sq inches of revolutionary cooking surface that has 8,500 BTUs of sizzle, perfect for your grilling needs. What is more, the drip pan is dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a lot easier for you. It also sports a powerful built-in speaker module with two speakers that you can use with your iPod or other MP3 players. You can use 4 AA batteries to power the speakers or just plug the included adapter in to get them going. 

The Gaster miGrill has the funky feel to it and is available in black, red, and silver. This gas grill, doubling as an iPod dock, would be perfect in keeping you and al of your guests entertained in many ways. You can get the Gastar miGrill Tabletop Gas Grill with built-in speaker from Meijer for only $129.99.

Image Source: Meijer

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