Garmin Oregon 400t


Garmin's Oregon 400t

Garmin has just brought the perfect solution for people who are directionally-challenged. Introducing the Oregon, Garmin’s first GPS unit with a touchscreen interface.

This device is preloaded with United States topography maps. It can also be expanded with additional maps. In addition to this, the Oregon also has preconfigured profiles for recreational purposes, driving, boating and fitness. It is equipped with an electronic compass.

Of course, the Oregon has not been perfected yet. But compared to the other Garmin handhelds, the Oregon is way above average level, particularly in terms of the functions and the features that it has. The Oregon makes it easy to navigate menus, too.

The Oregon is sure to satisfy your outdoor experience. It is sold at $ 599.99. We may say that this device is a little pricey, but with five different models to choose from, Garmin’s Oregon is definitely worth every penny.

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