Garmin Nuvi 755T

garmin Nuvi 755T

The Garmin Nuvi 755T GPS is more of a high end model for this popular line of GPS devices. But it features more advanced navigation features that drivers would surely welcome especially when driving on unfamiliar streets. The Garmin Nuvi 755T already comes pre-loaded with maps as well as the option to load others when going to other countries other than the continental US.

Aside from the usual features such as voice prompted instructions, traffic information and alerts through its FM station traffic receiver and easy to understand navigation menu, there are other added features worth noting. The Garmin Nuvi 755T features Lane Assist that helps guide users which on lanes to take for navigation. Drivers no longer have to guess which lanes to take when taking that next turn on the road. This is especially quite useful when driving in unfamiliar intersections and exits.

The Garmin Nuvi 755T is also conveniently designed to fit into a user’s pocket. This way, it can still be used for finding the right directions even while going on foot. Not only that, the Garmin Nuvi 755T goes beyond just more accurate navigation as it also features an mp3 player, an audio book reader and other useful tools such as a calculator, currency converter, world time clock, picture viewer and more. At a price of US $312 at Amazon, it certainly would make traveling more convenient either by car or on foot.

Image Source: Garmin

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