Garmin Mobile PC

Garmin Mobile PC

The Garmin mobile PC can transform your ordinary laptop into a powerful full-featured navigation system. The Garmin mobile PC is a software suite that is packed with preloaded maps that also provide millions of destinations as well as feature full GPS navigation capabilities. This software can easily turn your laptop into a powerful street navigator.

With the Garmin mobile PC, drivers may be able to get turn by turn directions that provide voice prompts for street names. It comes with an intuitive interface that provides you with two simple options to get the complexity out of your route planning. When connected to a GPS sensor, your laptop can help provide voice instructions through your laptop as you navigate through streets. Drivers can receive automatic corrections in case they stray off course.

With the Garmin GPS sensor, your laptop may also be able to provide updated information that you might need while on the go. You can check the weather, flight and hotel information from your laptop while on the go with the Garmin mobile PC.

Image Source: Garmin

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