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Garmin HUDMost cars today now have GPS as a standard feature. More and more people have become more dependent on it for getting directions. It is a convenient way to avoid getting lost. But the problem with most in-car GPS devices is that drivers most of the time have to take their eyes off the road to check the GPS console for data. Those brief seconds of turning the focus away from the road can be dangerous. This problem with standard GPS consoles requires a safer solution. Garmin may have found it through the Garmin HUD.

The Garmin HUD is a safer solution for drivers not taking their eyes off the road when checking out their GPS data. It is a portable head-up display that allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times even while checking their GPS for directions and other information. This device allows GPS data to display right on the windshield and always in the line of sight of the road. The device projects the data into a transparent film on the windshield or using an attached reflector lens. By doing so, it prevent drivers from taking their focus away from the road.

The Garmin HUD also provides the most essential data that the driver may need without getting too complicated. It provides the data on current speed, speed limit, and display turn arrows and the distance to the next turn. It also provides data on the estimated time of arrival. It can even alert the driver if he is going over the speed limit.

The Garmin HUD can obtain GPs data from a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device running the Garmin StreetPilot or the NAVIGON app. The device pairs wirelessly to a compatible Bluetooth iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 device. The Garmin HUD is slated to be available this summer. It is expected to cost around US$130.

Image Source: Garmin

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