Garmin Geko 201 Handheld GPS

Garmin Geko 201

The Garmin Geko 201 is a handy GPS navigator now available in the market. It is probably one of the lightest and the smallest of the WAAS-enabled GPS navigator around. This sleek and quite portable gadget features the WAAS or Wide Area Augmentation System to improve the accuracy, integrity and availability of the GPS with the use of a network of ground based reference stations.

The Geko 201 features an intuitive operation that makes it easier for users to understand its interface. The Geko also allows users to keep track of the path taken by users especially in new territory. The Geko’s TracBack feature will help users retrace their steps and find their way back.

Locations can also be saved on the gadget through way points to allow users to take note of various important landmarks or places visited along the way. Not only is the Geko 201 an effective and handy GPS navigator, it can also be used to play some entertaining games. Now that’s a gadget any avid outdoors man or amateur explorer should leave home without.

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