Garmin eTrex Handheld GPS

Garmin eTrex

There are currently six different models of Garmin eTrex, each with a unique feature catering to different needs. Today, we focus on its main product, which is the basic Garmin eTrex. This GPS receiver has 12 parallel channels packed in a mere four-inch unit that can literally fit the palm of your hand.

Its sleek design is complemented with five operational buttons placed on the sides, which makes it usable with just one hand and an ideal, user-friendly tool for mariners and outdoorsmen.

The eTrex is also waterproof so an accidental splash or drop to the water won’t damage the gadget. It is also operational even in deep forested area, and can store up to 500 user waypoints to help you navigate with ease. However, its biggest weakness is its short battery life of 22 hours on two AA batteries.

Overall, the Garmin eTrax is an impressive yet basic GPS tool that delivers above-average performance and ease of use.

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