Garmin Edge 205 Cycling Fitness GPS

Garmin Edge 205

The Garmin Edge 205 is made for cyclists who want to be on the top of their game. It includes a lot of features although it lacks some of the details that the Edge 305 has. The 205 has the SiRFSTARIII chipset which is the best out there in acquiring time accurately.

The gadget is easy to use and install and has customizable screens and data fields to satisfy your preferences. The exterior is waterproof and sleek. You could easily attach the gadget to the stem or the handlebars.

The Edge 205 measures speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, and many more. The display is large and easy to read that also shows a rough map view. Its high-sensitive GPS receiver accurately determines your position even in dense foliage. The customizable screens shows up to eight data fields.

It has a Virtual Partner to further push you with a virtual competitor. You could also set courses as you try to match or break preset speeds. The Auto Pause feature pauses the training timer when you slow down below a certain speed then continues when you speed up again.

The Auto Lap property, on the other hand, automatically triggers a lap every time you pass a specific location or travel a determined distance. The Training Center software lets you add and edit more features into the already packed GPS gadget. The program also tracks your progress.

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