Garmin chirp Makes Geocaching Interesting

Garmin unveils the chirp Geocaching Device, which aims to create a more convenient way to practice geocaching, which is considered as a modern-day, high-tech hide-and-seek game. It works by arming yourself with a GPS and, with the help of geocaching web sites, find hidden containers stored outdoors called geocaches, before sharing your experiences online.

According to Dan Bartel, vice-president of worldwide sales on Garmin, geocachers have a new tool to enhance the joys of making and hiding geocaches

Chirp, which is available now (for $22.99), is described thus by Garmin’s Dan Bartel, vice-president of worldwide sales: “With Chirp, geocachers have a new tool to enhance the joys of creating and finding caches around the globe. In listening to and participating in the vibrant geocaching community, Garmin created a one-of-a-kind device that builds on popular innovations such as paperless geocaching and downloading cache details directly to the device.”

The chirp is sized slightly bigger than an American quarter. It transmists geocaching data to any of your Garmin handheld device to help users get into the hidden stuff, as well as important data like coordinates, how many times a cache has been found before, among others.

Garmin chirp is now available at authorized retailers, costing US$22.99.

Source: CrunchGear

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