GammaTech S15C Durabook Rugged Notebook

Notebooks are known sometimes as fragile computing devices. Users should take good care not to drop, wet or undergo harsh treatment. Such sensitive notebooks may not be quite suitable for use in more rugged and tough environments. There are rugged notebooks designed to handle such pressures like the new S15 Durabook from GammaTech.

The new GammaTech S15C Durabook is designed for use in tough and rugged environments that most conventional notebooks may not be able to handle. This rugged notebook is fitted with a magnesium alloy case that is 20 times stronger than ABS plastic. It has been tested to the MIL-Standard 810G when it comes to shock and drop resistance. Its spill-proof design prevents liquid from seeping through the internal parts via the keyboard, touch pad and other possible routes. Even its battery is double protected against sudden current and voltage power surges as well as overheating.

The GammaTech S15C Durabook Rugged Notebook is powered by both Intel i7 and i5 processors and up to 8GB of RAM using its two dual channel DDR III SODIMM memory slots. It also has a 15.6-inch LED display with HD resolution along with additional security features like BIOS Administrator and Boot password. The GammaTech S15C Durabook is now available on the GamaTech site although its pricing features are not yet mentioned.

Image Source: GammaTech

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