Gamers Keyboard Quiver Carrying Case

Gamers keyboard Quiver

Gamers rejoice! Now you won’t have to worry about your precious gadgets-and-gizmos-a plenty getting bashed or bruised. Gamers, meet the Keyboard Quiver Case. A heavy-duty cotton canvass bag that is designed to house your keyboard and some other knickknacks you’ll be needing on your next lan party. This case has extra pockets where you can put your CDs, your mouse and of course, 2 dust-off cans.

There are also three zipped compartments infront. The uppermost compartment is particularly handy for stashing in your MP3 player because it has a pass-throug slot for your headphone. And oh, it features an over-the-shoulder padded strap that can be adjusted to fit righties and lefties. Amazing huh? Plus, the strap has a compartment where you can stash your cell phone. Some people just think of everything. This case is about 21 inches long by 10 inches wide and it costs about $45, which is about as expensive (if not more expensive) as the keyboard it is designed to protect.

Well, people always say "quality comes at a price’. At least you can rest assured your keyboard is well protected. Of course you maybe thinking "what kind of person walks around with his keyboard?" Well buddy, you’ll never know when it will come in handy.

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