Game D: Game Controller for iPad mini

Game D turns your iPad mini into a beefed-up handheld console.

While the iPad has been used by many casual users to play Candy Crush Saga with, it is the iPad mini that has the ideal gaming device size. It is not too small for your fingers to struggle in tiny hotspots while playing with an iPhone, but not too big that you end up holding a giant Game N’ Watch.

Techdy acknowledges that and comes up with a game controller specifically for the smaller iPad, turning it into a convenient gaming rig. The Game D controller is designed with a physical d-pad on the left, a four-button alignment on the right, and the start/ select buttons at the center. It fits inside the mini’s slim aluminum shell and it operates with the use of the controller’s embedded magnets.

Players can use the Game D in two gaming positions, either with the iPad mini mounted in a slot on the controller itself or snapped to the back of the tablet. It also works as a smart cover.

Techdy has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the Game D into production, but instead of bringing it to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, the company has decided to campaign right within its website. Reservations for your very own Game D start at $39. There is also a Pro version upgrade for $59, which comes with backlit keys, vibration feedback, and two analog gamepads. Android users, meanwhile, need not fret because there is also a Game D specifically for Nexus 7.

The company has also given its potential backers their say on Game D’s eventual design and branding, including custom color choices, app interfaces while controlling the game pad, and its final shipping product name. (Apparently, “Game D” is just a placeholder)

Techdy hopes to ship these controllers in August 2013, that is if they are able to meet its $500,000 funding goal by mid-May.

Source: Techdy, via TechCrunch

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