Galaxy Tab Arrives on AT&T and US Cellular

For those who prefer to buy their Samsung Galaxy Tab along with a carrier contract, know that the device will be available on AT&T and US Cellular. AT&T will be offering the Galaxy Tab beginning November 21. The catch, however, is that it will cost US$50 more than what the device costs without a contract. At $649.99, you can get yourself Galaxy Tab with your usual AT&T contract, $50 of which will be bundled as credit to Samsung’s Media Hub Movie Rental, but only for a limited time. It also comes with your choice of a monthly $15 or $25 pay-as-you-go data plans at 250MB and 2GB, respectively.

Meanwhile, regional carrier US Cellular will be selling the Galaxy Tab beginning November 19 for only $399 on-contract. It is priced similarly to many major networks except AT&T. US Cellular subscribers can choose between $14.99 for 200MB or $54.99 for 5GB tethering-enabled data plans.

Source: Engadget

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