Gaiser High PCs Decked with Gold and Diamonds

Gaiser High End PC, Computers with Gold and Diamonds

As they say, if you got it, flaunt it! And we are talking about money here!

German manufacturer Gaiser introduces its High End PC line that shamelessly decorates your PC with all things glittery and shiny from gold (and we mean 24 karat gold!) to cubic zirconia to diamonds.

What about the features, you ask?  Who cares about that! They’ve got 24 karat gold for crying out loud.  Surely you cannot be worrying about the processor or graphic cards or ports, just as long as you could operate a computer that screams "I am rich."

The hard core techies may turn down these PC, saying these are ostentatious and classless.  But hey, can they afford it?  If you do not have a care in the world where to spend your money next time, or if you get tired of buying another car just to empty your your coffers, might as well shell off between $8,000 and $33,000 and buy yourself a PC decked in luxury.

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