Gadgets You Should Get for 2009

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The recent Consumer Electronics Show 2009 in Las Vegas has brought out the most advanced gears yet.  From three-dimensional home televisions to a watch that can be used as a mobile phone, this year’s CES offers a lot of different gadgets from the very necessary to the absolutely trivial.  Nevertheless, you want them all badly.

3D television sets

Sony and Panasonic both revealed their 3D televisions that allow images to jump off the screen, as long as you wear appropriate glasses with them.  The screens work by showing two separate images for each of out eyes.  Then, using the special 3D glasses, the images combine and appear to emerge into the living room.

Mobile phone watch

LG Electronics introduced a wristwatch that also functions as a touch-screen mobile phone, and technically the smallest.  It uses a high-speed 3G network and can be used for e-mail and other online tasks.  The company hopes to attract a lot of spy thriller fans.

New mobile phones

Aside from the watch phone, several new smartphones were also introduced in the show, all intended to rival the Apple iPhone.  Palm, for instance, unveiled the Pre that boasts of a large touch-screen and a sliding panel to reveal with a full QWERTY keyboard.  Not to be outdone, Nokia also introduced its iPhone killer, the Nokia 5800.  It is Nokia’s first touch-screen phone.

Unique inventions

The CES is also an avenue for tech inventors to reveal their big ideas to the public.  Among those that grabbed the attention of many is the Powermat, a magnet-based charger that lets you charge your mobile phones, iPods, and even your handheld devices by simply laying them down on the mat.

Another hit among the spectators is the Spyball Robot from  This moving sphere rolls around before popping its webcam then beam live pictures onto the Information Superhighway.  This spyball can be controlled from any web-connected PC, and can also connect with nearby computers.

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