Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2011

When it comes to gadget news, 2010 is riddled with iPad news and updates. Of course, we have the latest laptops, the hottest smartphones, and some occasional Thanko novelties, but not too many people seem to notice it.

But we hope 2011 will be different. Not because the iPad would technically become “old news” by then, but due to the influx of new gadgets that will become available for retail. Here are some of the devices that we are excited to see in 2011:

Nintendo 3DS – An update of one of the most successful handheld gaming device will hit Japan on February 26, while the United States and Europe will get its units a month later. This gadget features the same two-screen gaming and touch-based (and sometimes voice-based and camera-based) interaction that has endeared millions, now including a 3D top screen.

iPad 2 – It’s a trend in Apple, apparently: Any gadget they introduce will have a generation-two version after a few months or so. This happened in the iPod, the iPhone, and will surely happen on the iPad (especially since the iPad has many hardware fumbles, including the absence of a camera). Let’s just hope that everything bad about the iPad will be ditched once iPad 2 is unveiled.

BlackBerry PlayBook – BlackBerry’s first tablet is seen by tech experts as the underdog in the tablet race, just like how its smartphones performed in the market. It is set to hit the market on the first quarter of 2011.

Motorola Droid Tablet – Many Android-powered tablets are on a disadvantage simply because the OS is not tablet-friendly, but that can change with the Motorola Droid tablet, which will run on Android 3.0. Plus, the Motorola Droid smartphone was a success in the American market, so the company hopes that brand loyalty for the Droid would transfer once the tablet version comes out.

PalmPad – Yes, it is another tablet, this time by Palm. After HP bought the struggling smartphone company, news about new hardware running on webOS operating system have sprung, including a tablet computer that some say could give the iPad (or the iPad 2) a run for its money.

Sony PSP Phone – What many thought as a joke when news about it leaked out becomes an anticipated gaming mobile phone because there are not that many around. Remember Nokia N-Gage? Combining the mobile power of Android with the vast gaming library of the Sony PlayStation Portable could become a hit in the market, as long as it finds a right carrier.

Source: CrunchGear

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