G-Tube Rugged Portable Speaker

G-Tube Rugged Portable SpeakerPortable wireless speakers are all the rage nowadays. People are now able more than ever to bring along and share their love for music listening with friends and colleagues. This is even more ideal when they are somewhere dark and desolate that needs some livening up. Music can do that. With a speaker like the new G-Tube Rugged Portable Speaker, it may not even matter how the weather condition is just to light up the mood in any place.

The new G-Tube Rugged Portable Speaker is a handy and tough Bluetooth speaker designed for rugged people who are always on the go, especially in places where conditions are not always the most ideal. This little but tough wireless speaker is designed to withstand the harsh elements and still gives you that clear and crisp sound you need as you tough in out in a rugged environment. This portable speaker comes with 1.25″ stereo speaker drivers that deliver robust and sharp audio despite its relatively small size. It is also rated IPX5 in terms of water resistance, meaning it can withstand water splashes from all directions and can still function. The G-Tube Rugged Portable Speaker also comes with a tough housing structure with full steel grill and protective elastomer at the center and at the ends to provide protection against everyday abuse.

The built-in rechargeable battery of the G-Tube Rugged Portable Speaker can last for six hours of continuous use. You can easily recharge it via USB from a computer or using a smartphone charger or powerbank. Built-in controls allow for convenient playback and volume adjustment even if your connected music player is stored inside your pocket or bag. This wireless speaker is quite handy and will not be a hassle to bring along wherever you go. The G-Tube Rugged Portable Speaker is now available at the G Project site for $40.

Image Source: G Project

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