G-Ro Carry-On Bag Makes Travel A Breeze

G-RoFrequent travelers always have to deal with many challenges. There is the challenge of trying to make sure that they always have all their things they need handy. And then, there is also the challenge of trying to carry them all from one destination to the next. But wise travelers know that traveling light is always the best option. Anything they can cram into their carry-on luggage is the challenge. That is why it pays to have a carry-on that offers more luggage space like the new G-Ro Carry-On Bag.

In many ways, the new G-Ro Carry-On Bag is an improvement of the usual carry-on luggage many travelers are accustomed to. First of all, it is designed with a larger and yet thinner wheel that offers two main advantages- it makes the carry-on feel lighter when you pull it because the wheels support the load closer to the bag’s center of gravity and the thinner wheels offer a larger storage space inside. So despite the G-Ro Carry-On Bag’s size still adhering to airline standards for carry-ons, it is able to hold more of your valuable traveling essentials.

Not only that, the G-Ro Carry-On is also designed to be durable with its use of aircraft grade polymers, ballistic nylon material, top quality YKK nylon zippers and a tough and waterproof base. But that is not all. The G-RO Carry-on also has a tablet stand and a charging station with two USB ports. The bag can also hold optional Electronic Modules comprising of a 23,000 mAh battery, a universal power outlet, a location tracker or a wireless proximity detector. The additional battery alone can be quite handy as it can charge your laptop and other portable gadgets while you travel. Light, durable and useful, the G-Ro Carry-On might just become any traveler’s best friend while on the road. It is currently on a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $279 will get you one G-Ro. Adding $99 will add the Optional Electronic Module to it. You will realize your savings if you know that the G-Ro Carry-On bag is expected to retail for $499. Estimated delivery of the first batch of this companion luggage is set sometime in August of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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