Durex’s Fundawear Vibrating Underwear is No Joke

It seems like a way-too-late April Fool’s Day joke, but Durex is actually experimenting on a line of interactive underwear called Fundawear.

What seems like a portmanteau of “fun” and how Australians pronounced “underwear,” Fundawear is the condom company’s first attempt to cross over into the connected devices category. Fundawear consists of men and female underwear embedded with vibrating pads in specific locations. They are connected to a smartphone app, wherein you can control the vibrations yourself or have your partner control the fun using his or her own smartphone.

Fundawear aims for long-distance romantic partners to get connected intimately with the added pleasure brought by touch.

This is not the first time companies have attempted to create sex-oriented devices for long-distance partners. There is the LovePalz duo kit, for instance, that simulates sex across long distance, as well as feel each other’s movements in real time. Also worth mentioning are the likes of Vibease, a chat app that comes with a “massager” that your partner can control; and various versions of Ohmibod’s connected vibrators.

Durex, however, is the first condom company to dip their toes in this niche industry and it appears that a lot of research, development, and resources have been used just to make the Fundawear.

These connected underwear are available in male and female versions. They are not available just yet, but those who are interested in trying them out can participate in the testing program over at Durex’s Australian Facebook page.

Source: TechCrunch

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