Fun facts about Flappy Bird, as told by its creator

Fun facts about Flappy Bird

Fun facts about Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is quite a success story. Released on iOS back in May 2013, its popularity grew organically until the app reached the top of the charts among free apps in the Apple App Store. By organic, we mean the app did not use bots to cheat the numbers.

People have been wanting to know more about Flappy Bird and its creator, indie game developer Dong Ha Nguyen. And while he remains elusive among press people, he would glady answer fan (and non-fan) questions on Twitter. Here are some of the fun facts about Flappy Bird that Nguyen revealed on social media.

“Flappy Bird” had a different title – When the game was first released, it had a different title called “FlapFlap”. Nguyen changed it to “Flappy Bird” after finding out another app has the same title.

The Android version is actually easier – Apprently, there is a different game experience when you are playing Flappy Bird using your iPhone compared to an Android phone. Nguyen confirmed via Twitter that the Android version has an easier challenge, but assures users an update for iOS devices is in the works.

No in-app purchases in the future – While the details about the Flappy bird update remains sketchy at best, Nguyen assures his Twitter followers (over 2,000 as of this posting) there will be no in-app purchases, which has made the likes of Candy Crush Saga earn big bucks for its developer

The meaning behind the medals – At some point, players receive gold and platinum medals. You get a gold medal whenever you beat your own best score, while you receive a platinum medal if you beat Nguyen’s high score when he submitted the app to Apple, which is 150.

It does not have an official Facebok/ Twitter/ Instagram account – The creator informed his followers those social media pages of Flappy Bird are not his doing. Follow/ Like/ Heart at your own risk.

Nguyen’s two other games are charting as well – Nguyen also has “Super Ball Juggling” and “Shuriken Block” on the App Store. Both games are not as easy as Flappy Bird. Super Ball Juggling lets you tap the screen to keep the soccer ball from hitting the ground, but wait until you reach 7 or 8 points when you have to work with two balls. Both apps also reached the Top 10 chart among free apps on the App Store, probably because Flappy Bird players checked out if the developer has other games to offer, and he is very thankful for it.

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