Fujitsu Unveils Notebook with Built-In Pico Projector

Fujitsu has announced its Lifebook S761/C that features an integrated pico projector, which we think is long overdue. (They should have thought about this when pico projectors were all the rage.)

The projector, which displays images at 800 x 600 resolution, is located where an optical drive would have been placed in the notebook. The device includes a 13.3-inch LCD screen with 1,366 x 768 resolution, an Intel Core i5-2520M CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB of hard disk storage, and Windows 7 Professional.

This latest Fujitsu notebook would become available in Japan beginning May 2011 for about US$2,690. A 12.1-inch version (the P711/C) is also available, featuring a 1,280 x 800 resolution screen, costing $3,120.

Source: Akihabara News, via CrunchGear

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