Fujitsu Tametabako Ultra-Secure USB Flash Drive

Data security has become quite an important issue among those who always use sensitive information and data as part of their day to day business. Such information can easily get into the wrong hands. That is why there are now data storage devices like the Fujitsu Tamatebako smart USB memory drive that offer better and enhanced security features to protect the data stored inside them.

The Fujitsu Tamatebako is a USB storage device that measures 70mm x 70mm x 24mm and weighs around 45 grams. This USB drive is able to secure stored data using AES256bit encryption. Not only that, the Fujitsu Tametabako also features such as automatic deletion whenever the device is plugged into an unauthorized computer or if the wrong password is typed. The Tametabako can also be set for automatic deletion of its stored data within a certain time frame, from 10 minutes to a week. This will help avoid sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. There’s no news yet on how much this ultra-secureUSB drive will cost.

Image Source: Fujitsu

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